10 Tips On How to Run a Successful Sales Promotion

Introduction You are probably already familiar with the saying that a business is only as viable as its sales promotion techniques’’. And that is a fact that cannot be overemphasized, considering almost all businesses are [...]

Mesh Laundry Bags: All You Need to Know

Mesh Laundry Bags: All You Need to Know A laundry bag is a bag designed intentionally for the purpose of aiding in laundry especially separating clothes when doing laundry, or in other instances storing dirty [...]

Why Use Our Non Woven Wine Bag

We remain a professional producer for types of shopping bags. Our company specializes in a wide range of lines including non woven wine bags. Our company's primary products include paper box, paper bag, canvas bag, cotton [...]

Garment bags for traveling

A lot of people prefer to travel by aeroplanes because they are quite fast especially for long distance travel. The truth however is that air travel is not always the most comfortable especially when you [...]

The Importance of Promotional Bags to your Business

Do you know what promotional bags can do to your business? Surprisingly, promotional bags have become a great marketing and unique tool for your business to promote your brand. As a result of this broad [...]

Material choose for garment bag

Many customers , for retailer,like suits seller,bridal  gown seller,when they buy garment bag from us,they don’t know how to choose material.Then we will use our professional knowledge to tell them how to choose material. Usually,the most used for making garment bag is PEVA,Pp non woven,PVC,nylon,cotton,material etc. PEVA material,it is soft,waterproof,light weight,recycled,however,it is easily broken,dirty. Pp non woven material,it is also soft,breathable,recycled material,however,it is not waterproof. PVC material,it is not recycled material,had smell and now it is used less and PEVA is instead of it. Nylon material,it is very strength,waterproof,however,it is expensive,not breathable,and weight is heavy. [...]

The One Packing Solution -Supplier for garment bag and shopping bags

We manufacture and distribute clothes protective garment covers such as bridal gown covers, dress bags, wedding covers, and suit travel carriers. Our covers are used in bridal boutiques and suit hire stores both at home [...]