As a supplier of laundry bags, we need to tell you some details about mesh laundry bags.

A laundry bag is a bag designed intentionally for the purpose of aiding in laundry especially separating clothes when doing laundry, or in other instances storing dirty laundry before washing them. Some laundry bags serve the same purpose as a laundry basket. When used for storing clothes prior to washing, most people nowadays prefer laundry bags to laundry baskets for various reasons, one major reason being the portability of the laundry bags and the less space they occupy. Laundry bags come in different designs and fabrics, one category being the mesh laundry bag.

As the name suggests, mesh laundry bags are made of mesh-like fabric. The advantage of this laundry bag is that it is very breathable. I. It is also very affordable and easily available in the market. Mesh laundry bags come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This gives room for you to choose a laundry bag that fully suits your need. What most people don’t know is that mesh laundry bags can be used for other purposes that are not necessarily related to laundry or washing. Their uses are extensive and can only be limited by your creativity.

Uses related to laundry:

When doing laundry, you can put clothes with straps and hooks in the mesh bag before washing. The bag holds the clothes to prevent the straps from over-stretching in the machine. It also prevents those with hooks from tearing into other fabrics in the machine.

You can also use mesh laundry bags to avoid losing socks when washing them. Since socks are smaller, they are probably going to get lost in the midst of all the laundry. To avoid this, put all your socks in the mesh laundry bag before putting them in the machine to wash them. It will be easier to retrieve all of them from the wash this way.
Putting your delicate fabrics in a mesh laundry bag before washing them can help keep them from developing snags.
Other creative uses of mesh laundry bags:

Use mesh laundry bags to store your kids’ toys. When you have small kids, toys can be everywhere in the house most of the times. Collect all these small toys, put them in a suitable mesh laundry basket and hang them somewhere in the house. It will be more neat and presentable that way.
Use mesh bags to store and carry your sports equipment. If you are a sports personnel, you can use these bags to store your football, tennis balls, rackets, and other equipment. You can also use the bag to store your sweaty sportswear before you can wash them. They will smell less when stored in a mesh bag.

Have a mesh bag in your kitchen to store some kitchenware such as plastic tins, plastic cups, bottles, plastic lids and other small kitchen equipment that can fit and not break. This will help keep the small things in one place and save your kitchen some space.

Hang plastic types of equipment in mesh bags after washing. After washing your kids’ toys, your plastic kitchen equipment or your sports equipment, you can put them out in the sun to dry while in the mesh bag.
You can also dry herbs in mesh laundry bags. Put your herbs in a clean mesh laundry bag and hang them on the line, in the sun or shade as you prefer.

What to consider when purchasing and using a mesh laundry bag:
When using the bag to do laundry, make sure you do not overload it. Leave enough room that will allow the clothes inside to move around during the washing process. Otherwise, your fabrics will not come out clean enough.
Choose or have laundry baskets of various sizes to enable you to to do your laundry. This will help you when you have different amounts of clothes to wash.

For instance, if you only have an extra large laundry bag and only have a few pairs of socks to wash, it will be insensible to wash them in such a bag. Likewise, if you have a small bag for a huge amount of laundry, you will be forced to stuff or wash for many rounds, which is unnecessary.

Choose bags with zippers instead of the ones with drawstrings.